Calling All Candidates: District 3

There is currently an opening in Kearns Metro Township Council District 3. Applications must be completed and submitted by February 12, 2018. Print & complete yours here: Kearns District 3 Vacancy Application and Map (1)

Applications and letters of intent should be hand delivered to the township council on February 12 at the Kearns Library by 8:30 pm. A special public meeting will be scheduled at a later date in February for interviews.



Silver Lining- A Win For Kearns Football

Kearns Football made it to the 6A First round finals this season. Playing the Pleasant Grove vikings at home on October 27, 2017. Despite a solid 9-2 season record, the Cougars couldn’t beat the Vikings with a meager 4-7 record. The loss of 35-31 at home, was a bitter pill. Knocking Kearns out of the 6A football finals.

It’s not all bad news for the Cougars. Issac Matua has an offer from BYU to continue is football career as a Cougar. Kearns Twitter account @Kearns_Football touted the good news: “Congrats Isaac Matua on your offer to BYU! Great athlete but better person. ” Offering the Cougars a much deserved win. Not in the championships, but for the future of one of it’s players.

It was a great game. With a first quarter lead of 14-0 by the Cougars, it seemed the 6A Finals were clinched.  An impressive rushing game, totaling 376 yards didn’t translate to points. Converting 3rd downs 50% of the time. It was passing yards that closed the gap and cinched the game by the Vikings.

The Vikings threw 2 impressive fourth quarter passes. An 80 yards touch down pass and a 67 yard touch down pass. The Cougars posted 486 yards total, to the Vikings’ 341 yards. The Vikings luck didn’t hold. They ended the season, losing in the quarter finals.

Congratulations on an impressive season, Kearns Football. We’re proud of you. We’re looking forward to seeing Issac Matua on BYU’s field in the coming seasons.

Indian Speed Skater Makes History at Kearns Oval

The first Indian-American speed skater to qualify for the World Cup, Stephen Paul trains at the Kearns Olympic Oval. His journey began at age eight, when he began ice skating. He chose Kearns Olympic oval because in his words: Salt Lake has the best ice in the world.
He’s set his sights on qualifying for the 500 and 1000 meters events. He’s almost there, Paul is .02 seconds shy from qualifying for the 1000 meters, and .26 seconds from the 500 meters. Paul’s optimistic about making it to the Pyongyang games in February.

“If you really see the Olympic results, everybody in the games, the winning and the losing, are a second, or second point two. I just started four and a half years ago, and there are people who are behind me who have been training for ten years.”

Salt Lake city will host a World Cup December 8-10, 2017 at the Utah Olympic Oval. It’s likely you can see Paul there.

Help Stephen Paul and other Indian athletes on their journey, FISSA (Friends of Indian Speed Skating Athletes) have set up a Go Fund Me page.


The Fox 13 story from August 1, 2017  is here:

SL Tribune: “Whatever Happened to the Plaza Theater”

The Salt Lake Tribune featured the historic Plaza Theatre in Kearns as part of it’s “Whatever Happened to…” series. In an article published July 24, 2017, features pictures and the history of the once magnificent Plaza theater, now a divided office complex. Once the only entertainment oasis on the West side of the Salt Lake Valley. Built to present films in glorious Cinerama style. Boasting a”drive-in size” screen with seating for 950 and a full stage. The result was sore necks on the front rows from looking up and overflowing crowds, sometimes sitting on the floors to see a movie, or simply find air conditioning.

The theatre lived up to the hype. Vast screen size reportedly causing motion sickness and illness from gory scenes. The fate of the surrounding suburban communities befell the theater. It was subdivided into three then five screens. The theaters decline culminated in run-down dollar theater admissions. Opening as a Spanish-language theater, Tu Cine, closing in 2007.

Now home to insurance agencies, payday loans and a cosmetic retail store. Stop by 5415 South, about 4100 West to see where the Plaza theater once entertained mischievous teenagers and vigilant ushers, with revealing flashlights. Enjoy a piece of Kearns history.

-By: Sara Howe

Be Bright, Recycle Right

Do you know how to Recycle Right? The Trans-Jordan landfill is leading an initiative to reduce recycling contamination. Almost 20% of all recyclables end up in our landfill. Why does it matter? Because non-recyclables can ruin an entire load. It can’t be sorted. It can also pose a hazard to people, equipment and wildlife. We’re running out of space at the dump.

The most common items recycled incorrectly:

  1. Plastic bags
  2. Needles/medical waste or biohazards
  3. Wire, hose, cords, rope and chains
  4. Propane tanks
  5. Yard waste/wood
  6. Motor oil containers
  7. Electronics
  8. Food waste
  9. Clothing/shoes
  10. Mercury containing objects

The program answers many questions like this:

Q: I always carry garbage out to the trash can in garbage bags, is it OK to bag recycling?
A: NO. Please do not bag your recycling. Plastic bags of any kind do not belong in curbside recycling bins. If you must line your indoor recycling, empty the recycling into the curbside recycling bin without the liner. Some grocery store recycle plastic bags. For drop off locations please visit

Your questions, comments, and ideas are always welcome!
Please contact and they may be
mentioned in our article or FAQ page. Visit for more recycling information.

By: Sara Howe

Image courtesy: Salt Lake Valley Journal