Stephen Paul Indian Ice Skater Photo

The first Indian-American speed skater to qualify for the World Cup, Stephen Paul trains at the Kearns Olympic Oval. His journey began at age eight, when he began ice skating. He chose Kearns Olympic oval because in his words: Salt Lake has the best ice in the world.
He’s set his sights on qualifying for the 500 and 1000 meters events. He’s almost there, Paul is .02 seconds shy from qualifying for the 1000 meters, and .26 seconds from the 500 meters. Paul’s optimistic about making it to the Pyongyang games in February.

“If you really see the Olympic results, everybody in the games, the winning and the losing, are a second, or second point two. I just started four and a half years ago, and there are people who are behind me who have been training for ten years.”

Salt Lake city will host a World Cup December 8-10, 2017 at the Utah Olympic Oval. It’s likely you can see Paul there.

Help Stephen Paul and other Indian athletes on their journey, FISSA (Friends of Indian Speed Skating Athletes) have set up a Go Fund Me page.


The Fox 13 story from August 1, 2017  is here:

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