Do you know how to Recycle Right? The Trans-Jordan landfill is leading an initiative to reduce recycling contamination. Almost 20% of all recyclables end up in our landfill. Why does it matter? Because non-recyclables can ruin an entire load. It can’t be sorted. It can also pose a hazard to people, equipment and wildlife. We’re running out of space at the dump.

The most common items recycled incorrectly:

  1. Plastic bags
  2. Needles/medical waste or biohazards
  3. Wire, hose, cords, rope and chains
  4. Propane tanks
  5. Yard waste/wood
  6. Motor oil containers
  7. Electronics
  8. Food waste
  9. Clothing/shoes
  10. Mercury containing objects

The program answers many questions like this:

Q: I always carry garbage out to the trash can in garbage bags, is it OK to bag recycling?
A: NO. Please do not bag your recycling. Plastic bags of any kind do not belong in curbside recycling bins. If you must line your indoor recycling, empty the recycling into the curbside recycling bin without the liner. Some grocery store recycle plastic bags. For drop off locations please visit

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By: Sara Howe

Image courtesy: Salt Lake Valley Journal


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