a 1964 picture of the Plaza theater in Kearns

The Salt Lake Tribune featured the historic Plaza Theatre in Kearns as part of it’s “Whatever Happened to…” series. In an article published July 24, 2017, features pictures and the history of the once magnificent Plaza theater, now a divided office complex. Once the only entertainment oasis on the West side of the Salt Lake Valley. Built to present films in glorious Cinerama style. Boasting a”drive-in size” screen with seating for 950 and a full stage. The result was sore necks on the front rows from looking up and overflowing crowds, sometimes sitting on the floors to see a movie, or simply find air conditioning.

The theatre lived up to the hype. Vast screen size reportedly causing motion sickness and illness from gory scenes. The fate of the surrounding suburban communities befell the theater. It was subdivided into three then five screens. The theaters decline culminated in run-down dollar theater admissions. Opening as a Spanish-language theater, Tu Cine, closing in 2007.

Now home to insurance agencies, payday loans and a cosmetic retail store. Stop by 5415 South, about 4100 West to see where the Plaza theater once entertained mischievous teenagers and vigilant ushers, with revealing flashlights. Enjoy a piece of Kearns history.

-By: Sara Howe

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